Holdings Berhad

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


We are committed to be a successful and responsible corporate citizen not only just about delivering quality products and services and generating attractive economic returns to our customers and shareholders. We also recognize that it is our corporate social responsibility to ensure that we conduct our business activities ethically and professionally.

In order to achieve this aim, we will periodically review our policies, monitor and where necessary improved on our performance. We are committed to continuous improvement in our corporate social responsibility program.

Our commitment toward our social responsibility is reflected through the following policies:

We aim to be employer of choice in the industries that we operate in. We believe that dedicated and competent workforce is paramount to the success of the business of our Group. Therefore, we will continue to invest in human resource developments to ensure proper trainings are given to the employees to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

We are committed to seek in our operation continuous improvements to minimise any negative impact on the environment. We will ensure that our business activities are conducted in compliance with the applicable environment rules and regulations.

We are committed to provide continuous support to various activities carried out by local charities and organizations.